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The Leaders Letters - From Danny Denhard @ Focus
Leaders Letter 132 - Lessons From 2022
Dear Leaders, every year I write a dedicated newsletter from lessons to take the year closing. This year is no different, with 22 lessons and lessons to learn from. The 22 are from conversations with company leaders, department leads struggling or parts of AMA or talks I have given to companies through 2022…
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The Leaders Letters - From Danny Denhard @ Focus
Leaders Letter 131
Dear leaders, this week's 5 questions are with Tim Grimes, Tim is on a mission to improve work, so embracing and pushing flexible work, hybrid work, and helping companies to facilitate 4-day work weeks. An important workstream that Tim and his company offers is their…
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The Leaders Letters - From Danny Denhard @ Focus
Leaders Letter 127
Dear leaders, this week I have a special Leaders Letter from Anish Hallan, Anish and I were colleagues, I really enjoyed working with him and sparing in making the best possible product. Anish is now on a mission to remove burnout from organisations. Having experienced burnout and seen it first-hand at Facebook (and many other large orgs) Anish offers a…
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The Leaders Letters - From Danny Denhard @ Focus
Leaders Letter 114
Dear leaders, I recently went for a walk and talk coffee with a mentee stepping up to a leadership team. They were a blend of excitement and anxiety about moving to a new company and being able to show their skills. We got onto the subject of good managers…
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